"Vacation's all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away ...."

Being a child of the 80's (High School), lately, I am reminded of these words from the band The Gogo's. It very well sums up the feelings I get from the people I talk to about travel.

I have been noticing a trend as of late, with customers calling me, looking for that quick get away, that escape from their normal routines.

On the East Coast, it is that 4 to 7 day Caribbean Cruise or All Inclusive Resort, while on the West Coast in seems to be leaning more towards Las Vegas, or even the newer Indian Casinos popping up all over the state. From what I can tell, people are trying to find places to go, while minimizing the travel time to and from the destinations.

Another trend I am seeing is more people planning their travel "last minute".  I believe that is due to the fact that people are either not sure when they can get away that far in advance, or they finally decide "I have to get away", and that's that.

And, the travel suppliers (cruise lines, hotels, resorts, etc.) are offering great "last minutes deals" to fill the beds, so why not take advantage of it. I do have to say though that booking earlier, rather than later, gives you a much better choice of accommodations, and "most" will honor the discounted pricing, but ONLY if you ask them.

So, how is the travel business doing ? I think the travel business is doing well. People may not be taking as many long trips, but they are taking multiple smaller trips over the course of the year. People will always need their "escapes" for their sanity to survive.

Where are they all headed, where are they escaping to ?

Our Lips are sealed .......

Jack Surber
Travel Consultant
Email: info@wheelhousetravel.com


03/14/2012 9:36pm

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Vacations are only time period when we can do anything and also our hobbies.

08/06/2012 5:08am

All of us are always in a wait for the vacations, so that we can get a break and go through a holiday tour.


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