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I am excited to announce the launch of a new brand for the Wheelhouse Family. I introduce to you, Luna Honeymoons.  Luna Honeymoons "inaugural voyage" will be on March 13, 2011 at the O.C. Premier Wedding Bridal Spectacular aboard the Hornblower Yacht "Endless Dreams" in Newport Beach, CA.

Several months ago, I was doing research for a client, a bride, who was interested in a Destination Wedding to the Caribbean. I had, in the past, done several Wedding Cruises for clients, but to the Resorts I had mostly done Honeymoons. I was amazed at the number and the variety of choices available. No wonder she was looking for assistance. When you don't know all that is available, how are you to make the best decision ?

I started Luna Honeymoons to help answer those questions.

I started looking at Bridal Fairs and I noticed that you find 10 Cake Decorators, 12 Photographers, and dozens of Weddings Planners and Wedding Locations, but no Travel Agents. I remembered my own wedding,  not that many years ago, and thought to myself, "Why isn't anyone helping with the Honeymoons?".  Many people spend as much on their Honeymoon as they do on their Weddings, so why wasn't there someone to help them navigate those waters? I started Luna Honeymoons fill that niche. The wedding couple has enough to worry about without having to keep an eye on the prices or promotions for their cruise or all inclusive resort.

So now, when asked if I help with Destination Wedding planning, I can now, wholeheartedly answer ....... I Do.

Jack Surber
Wheelhouse Travel / Luna Honeymoons


03/11/2011 12:24pm

Nice Blog. Your are so right. A couple getting married do not need an additional task such as a honeymoon to worry about - thats a job for the travel agent. Hello Luna Honeymoon. Lenneice, cruise specialist

05/09/2012 11:52pm

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05/10/2012 4:22am

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06/25/2012 3:36am

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