As the Summer Sailing season approaches, I am reminded of a client who called me regarding a quick "getaway".

He lived in Seattle, and was interested in spending a "special" night with his wife and a few friends for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. He wanted it to be a surprise and was looking for perhaps a nice Hotel with a nice restaurant in the Hotel. He was not opposed to a little travel, as long as it was easy for his guests, but it had to be  in early to mid May.

I asked him where they were married, as being it was a big anniversary, I would like to tie the Anniversary to the Wedding memories, and he told me they were married in Seattle, but he proposed while on a cruise.

Well that was all I needed to hear as from my time at Princess I knew that early May was when the Cruise Lines reposition their vessels for the Alaska cruise season, and had just been looking at the repositioning voyages. I proposed to him a 1 Day (overnight) cruise in a Penthouse Suite from Princess from Seattle to Vancouver, as it would be as nicer than most Hotels, have a continual ocean view, and an amazing dinner would already be included.

Well, what started as a "few" hotel rooms and dinner reservation, turned into 15 Balcony Cabins, a Penthouse Suite, and a Coach Car on Amtrak (Vancouver to Seattle) for 32 guests. He gladly paid for it all as he didn't have to pay for, or arrange, the dinner. All he and his guests had to do was, a) Keep it a secret from the Wife, and b) Show up with their passports.

As it turns out, the wife was VERY surprised at just going on an overnight cruise, but almost passed out when all her friends were there too.

I very much enjoyed booking this trip for them. It was fun trying to keep 31 other people from telling the wife about it. In the end, an amazing time was had by all and I even received a gift basket with an 8x10 of the group,  after the cruise, as well as 15 new couples as clients.

Sometimes, you just have to make "alternate" suggestions for your passengers. They as relying on your knowledge  to guide them, otherwise they could do it themselves online.

Man ..... I love this business ..... What better job is there than to send people places to enjoy themselves ?

I do not had ADD, I have a rare condition called ..... Oh look ..... a squirrel ...

Jack Surber
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Love the story. What great advice you gave your client.

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