Today, I would like to talk about Princess Cruises from a personal viewpoint; from a Passenger's viewpoint.

As some of you may know, I used to work for Princess in the Sales Department, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me. I learned quite a bit from the training I received from Princess, but the most important and pertinent things I learned were from talking to and listening to my clients.

The most important thing I learned from my clients, (and from my own personal experiences on ship), is that the best thing on the ship is the Crew Members. I cannot even tell you how many people when I asked them how their trip was, that the first thing they raved about was the Customer Service they received on the ship. From the Newest to more "Seasoned" vessels, from the 680 passenger small ships to the mega 3100 passenger ones, people ALWAYS talked about the professionalism and attentive nature of the entire crews.

Next was the food and the entertainment. When I was on the Sun Princess going to Alaska, have to say, the food was fantastic. My wife and I ate at the Horizon Court Buffet, the Main Dining room (Personal Choice Dining), Balcony Breakfast (a gift), and even used Room Service quite a bit (especially for Breakfast). We were never disappointed.

Though Princess has some wonderful Children's Programs, I would say that the clientele usually leans towards Baby Boomers and beyond. It has a little more "mature" feel to it than say Carnival (it's parent company), but that said it is a little more relaxing.

Princess sails all over the world, and has everything from 1 day overnight trips to 118 day World Cruise trips, and generally the least expensive 7 day trips will run you about $299 (plus taxes and fees).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jack Surber
Wheelhouse Travel


01/26/2011 6:07pm

How do the ship's stack up, against Carnival, or are the exactly the same? this' 5-10 years ago, but: I've had friends tell they've complained about the climate control's shoddiness [inadaquacy & gasping/clankyness] & how they were told "tough luck" & "that's how it is" by managment both during their trip & after disembarkment. I think they were offered a 5-10% discount on their "next" cruise, which they rejected offhand. Any of this sound like stuff y'all heard about up-corporate, or just a one-in-a-million worst vac. story ever?

09/20/2012 3:10pm

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