The year was 2006, and my wife's family decided that since that year we were celebrating 50th and a  70th birthdays, a 25th and two 20th wedding anniversaries, and a majorly delayed honeymoon, that we would all go on an Alaskan Cruise together. Being as I am a major city boy, born and raised in Los Angeles County, I had never really considered going there, but that was the destination of choice from the group, so who was I to argue. Being as my wife and I are both photographers, I figured at least we might be able to get a good couple of rolls of film out of the trip. Well, "a couple of rolls" turned out to be 19 rolls of film and over 250 digital shots, and that was just from our cameras, let alone the over 500 images we received from the other family members traveling with us.

The funny thing is even with all those pictures, and all the family members giving descriptions of what they experienced, those picture and words cannot fully encompass the majesty that is Alaska. I could write this blog for the next month and still not feel like I am doing it a fraction of what it deserves. Anyone who has been to Alaska will understand what I have just said. Alaska must be "experienced", it is beyond description.

Always the highlight of any Alaska Cruise is seeing the glaciers. Whether you are going to Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, College Fjord, or Tracy Arm, you cannot go wrong, and some voyages may even go to more than one. Any and all of them are absolutely breathtaking.

The one thing to remember about viewing the glaciers is, and I know this is obvious but, they are made of ice. Which means that when you are viewing them on the top deck or from your balcony, it is going to be REALLY cold. As I stated above, I am a Southern California city boy, so I learned that I really should own a pair of gloves and a cap to view things comfortably. BUT, I also learned that the average temperature for most of Alaska in the Summer in in the 60s to the 70s, so carrying that big winter coat just cost you more money in baggage fees. What you need to do is brings clothing that can be worn in layers, that way you can control how warm you stay.

This Summer Season will see Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Holland America, Carnival Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Disney Cruises as well as other Lines sailing in the Alaska Territory, so your choices are wide open on itineraries to choose from.

Alaska must be seen to be believed, trust me. Ask anyone who has been there.

"The world is a book, and those that do no travel, are only looking at the cover"

Jack Surber
Wheelhouse Travel



01/19/2011 11:46am

I had to bribe my husband to go to Alaska back in 2001. After making him go, I brought him home kicking and screaming because he wanted to stay. He always thought a cruise should be to a warm weather climate, boy did he change his mind. He loved it!!

08/16/2012 5:27am

One of the most beautiful place to visit that is Alaska, everyone should visit here in holidays but we have to book it before visiting.


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